STEPS works with each client to develop a home program that meets the unique needs of your child and family. We will oversee your child’s program through:

Intake and assessment

This process involves getting to know you and your child. We start with an informal meeting where we share our philosophy and mission to make sure we are a good match for your needs. Once a partnership is established, a lead consultant will meet with parents and/or caregivers to discuss family goals, dynamics, and routines. Following this meeting, we will spend one to two sessions with your child to assess his or her skills and areas of support. An optional community (school, day care, etc) observation is offered as an additional and useful way to gather information.

Initial and ongoing program development

Based on the information gathered from the intake and assessment process, a lead consultant will work with your family to develop individualized program goals for your child. These program goals will change over time to fit the growth of your child.

Team Meetings

Lead consultants provide weekly or bimonthly team meetings to review data, make program adjustments as needed, and address other team questions/concerns

Parent training

Lead consultants provide training to parents and caregivers on effective teaching strategies, including principles of applied behavior analysis, positive behavioral support strategies and self-help skills. Team meetings can be used for parent and therapist training opportunities.

Therapist training and ongoing supervision

Lead consultants provide training to therapists on principals of applied behavior analysis, including discrete trial training, naturalistic teaching, data collection and monitoring and positive behavioral support strategies. Ongoing supervision is provided at the request of the parents or therapists.

School consultations

Lead consultants will observe your child at school and collaborate with IEP team members to create and maintain an effective learning environment.

Home Visits

If additional services are needed, home visits can be arranged to observe and work with a child in their natural environment. This may also be a good opportunity for parent and/or therapist training.

It is important to us that each client feels supported and is comfortable with the services we provide. Please feel free to ask questions!

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