Allison Marti

Behavior technician

Allison joined the STEPS team in 2014. She grew up in Northwestern Pennsylvania with the Alleghany National Forest in her backyard and moved to Seattle in 2001 after graduating from college. Allison loves the Pacific Northwest and feels truly at home here. 

In November of 2014, she passed the exam to officially become a BCBA. Allison also holds Master’s Degrees in both Special Education from the University of Washington and Educational Psychology from the University of Cambridge, UK. Before joining STEPS, Allison taught students in Kindergarten-2nd grade as a special education teacher, worked as a graduate research assistant for the UW Peer Networks Autism Study which focused on the reading and social skills of students in Kindergarten and 1st grade, and gained additional experience with young children with autism as a research interventionist in the Toddler DATA classroom at the EEU.

In the future, she would love to research emotional self-regulation strategies and dreams of someday opening a fully inclusive elementary school where all children and their families can be fully embraced and supported. Outside of work, Allison enjoys reading books and singing songs with her daughter.

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