Summer Programs

STEPS has offered a summer program since 2009. The summer program runs during the month of August, Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM. This program takes place at the STEPS office, and is led by a BCBA and supported by both a Behavior Technician and volunteer. The group focuses primarily on teaching and practicing social skills, as well as independent living skills and other related skills. Each week, summer camp is a different theme. This theme is incorporated throughout activities during the week. Some examples of past themes include animals, transportation, water, sports, and community helpers. Each week, the group goes on a community outing planned around the theme of theme of that week. Outings have included locations such as the zoo, fire station, Museum of Flight, bowling, post office, and the Science Center. Public transportation is taken to and from these outings, and the cost of these activities is included in the cost of camp. 

Because the overall goal of summer camp is to work on social skills and independent living skills while in a group and community setting, we are unable to provide services in camp to children who engage in unsafe, challenging behavior and require a one on one Behavior Technician. Our camps are not staffed to support children with one on one supports. However, if you would like your child to attend summer camp and can provide a 1:1 Behavior Technician, we would love to have them. STEPS is also committed to supporting our clients intentionally to build the skills necessary for participation in our groups which may include 1:1 support and facilitated play dates.

Enrollment for the summer program begins in the Spring of each year and families have the opportunity to sign up for as many weeks as they choose dependent on our availability. Should you have interest in our summer program, please complete the form below: