STEPS offers three different group sessions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. These groups include play, social skills, and community outing groups. Playgroups are developed for children initially learning to interact and play alongside their peers. Social skills groups are developed for children working on peer communication, cooperative play, and problem solving skills. Community outings groups are developed for children working on skills to successfully navigate the community. These groups are led by one of our BCBAs, and supported by behavior technicians or volunteers. Groups are developed and arranged to ensure that the children participating are working on similar or complimentary goals, and are scheduled based upon the availability of staff and families interested.

Social Skills Groups

STEPS currently offers social skills groups for 4-5 year old children and 6-8 year old children. Groups run for a 10-week duration of time and meet for one hour per week. Groups include between 3-6 children, and are led by a BCBA and supported by a BT and/or a volunteer dependent upon the number of children participating. Specific skills taught during social skills are individualized to the needs of the children in each 10- week session, ensuring that specific social areas of concern are targeted. STEPS utilizes a variety of social skills curriculum when developing each weeks lesson, ultimately creating a high quality, individualized social skills treatment package.


We are excited to announce that STEPS will be starting a new program during one morning of the week for children between the ages of 2-3 years old and their parents. This group runs for a 10-week duration, and has two components. Firstly, a playgroup will be led by a BCBA to facilitate early play and social skills for children and their peers. The goal of these play groups is to focus on teaching young children how to play with each other. For those interested, a parent education component will be offered simultaneously by another BCBA in the format of group discussions to address common concerns and challenges experienced by our families. The goal of this component is to work with families to problem solve challenges occurring at home, while providing a safe, supportive space for our families and their children.

Community Outing Groups

STEPS is excited to begin offering a community outing group. In this group, children will be taken into the community to practice many of the skills targeted in social skills group and in home programming. This group lasts for a duration of 10-weeks and is led by a BCBA with support from a BT and/or volunteer. The goal of this group is to teach and practice daily living skills needed to successfully navigate the community. Outings will be decided based on the interests and needs of the children in each group session.